Uprooting and Grinding Tree Stumps

A general tree fact asserts that tree removal ends with the uprooting of the tree stump. Many people just prefer to poison the stump and leave it to rot. However, it’s anchored deep in the soil with access to water and minerals.

When you take down a tree, do not risk having the tree regrow. Tree stumps make your garden terrain rugged. Also, they attract termites and fungus that spreads to other trees. Tree stumps are ugly reduce land utility.

Melbourne Tree Removals advocates for the removal of tree stumps. We have invested in state-of-the-art stump removal equipment for all sizes of tree stumps. Once we get rid of them, we grind and resize them into mulching that can be spread around to preserve moisture.

The stumped area adds to your garden space and allows you to plant more trees. Our machines can navigate all kind of terrain and land size. We insist on a thorough job without causing disturbance to your soil profile and garden work.

Do you have a large property with hundreds of stump? Our wireless remote guided SP7015 tractor swallows and spits stumped much in no time. When it comes to pricing, the tree removal package covers the stump removal costs.

For new clients, we calculate the price from the diameter of the tree stump. We consider the diameter of the stump at the point it recedes into the soil. A 30cm diameter stump attracts around $110 while a 100cm stump is charged about $350.

We advise clients to contact us for quotations. Our social media and customer care lines are open. One can conveniently, send us a text and attach an image of the stump. Melbourne Tree Removal services have received commendation from many quarters.

You can check out client reviews on our website. We love interacting with consumers and appreciate feedback as well as constructive criticism. We always make sure we leave your land as neat as we found it if not better. If you have a tree farm around Melbourne, come to us, and we’ll see how we can work together.