Tree Pruning

We share a genuine concern for trees and the safety of our clients. This concern reflects in our corporate mission and value statement.

As trees grow in height and width, they eat up more space. Eventually, they obstruct roads, electricity and telephone lines, footpaths and public areas. To make matters worse, they litter their surroundings with dead leaves and dried twigs.

Pruning is the most efficient solution to rid trees of the excessive growth. Are you searching for a professional pruning service? Melbourne Tree Removal Company get this job done. Tree pruning can be a risky affair at times but we guarantee quality work, excellent client experience and value for every cent.

Professional pruning crews have gained relevance in recent years within Melbourne. Our arborists apply their expertise and take charge of the entire process. They determine how the process will be held and what parts of the tree will be removed. Their input helps to achieve tangible outcomes.

Our tree pruning experts and the rest of our staff share the same passion for trees. Therefore, quality and beauty of work come first. We also work according to the client’s concerns, needs and safety.

Our pruning services are further categorized into;

  • Crown Thinning– involves reducing the density of the tree canopy by getting rid of small twigs and branches. Crown thinning allows penetration of light below the canopy.
  • Crown lifting– In this case we cut off the branches at the lower end of the tree. The top ends up higher up the tree allowing passage below.
  • Crown and Weight Reduction-this procedure seeks to reduce the entire size of the tree crown. By reducing its head, the tree loses excess weight therefore maintaining its form. During these proceedings, the thick lateral and vertical branches have to be cut down to size.
  • Formative and Selective Pruning– It applies to younger trees. Pruning is done to maintain a good shape and form. The tree can easily be shaped in ways the client desires. The client specifies the sections of the tree they need to be removed to give the tree a predetermined shape.
  • Crown cleaning– it accompanies all the other pruning exercises. It involves the removal of dead wood and broken branches within the canopy. It allows for more light penetration within the canopy.
  • Clearance Pruning– Done in compliance with utility service authorities. Trees must maintain some distance from buildings, power and telephone lines. Overhanging and hyperextending branches and bushes are eliminated.

Contact Melbourne Tree Removals for these pruning services and any special needs you may have.